Zero Tolerance


The Walk-in & Family Practice Clinic is committed to providing a safe, secure and respectful environment for all patients and staff.

Words or actions that make others feel threatened or demeaned will not be tolerated and decisive action will be taken to protect patients and staff.

Disruptive Behaviour:

The Walk-in & Family Practice Clinic considers the use of inappropriate words, actions or inactions as disruptive behaviour.

Inappropriate Actions/Inactions:

  • Violence (physical attacks or threats of harm)
  • Intimidation
  • Throwing, damaging property or breaking things
  • Unwelcomed physical contact
  • Failure to observe CFFM policies and/or contracts
  • Refusing to leave the property

Inappropriate Words (in person, by phone, or any means of communication):

  • Abusive language and yelling
  • Disrespectful or demeaning language/comments
  • Remarks, jokes or innuendos that degrade, ridicule or offend
  • Discriminatory remarks
  • Threats or threatening behaviour
  • Bullying
  • Sexual Harassment

Immediate action will be taken when incidents described above occur.

Individual(s) may be asked to leave, the police may be called or the individual(s) may face dismissal from our practice.

Hours of Operation :

Doctor Hours


Mon: 10 am - 10 pm

Tue : 10 am- 7 pm

Wed : 10 am- 7 pm

Thu: 10 am- 10 pm

FRI : 10 am-10 pm

Sat:    10am-  5 pm

Sun :   5pm-10pm



We reserve the rights to limit the amount of patients seen at this clinic.


On-site Lab For The Clinic Registered Patients !! 



(905) 832-9112

Location:             1900 Major Mackenzie Drive Vaughan, ON L6A 4R9

Please note:

We only accept patients up to a half hour before closing time.


We reserve the rights to limit the amount of patients seen at this clinic.